Rebel8 - Rebel8 Bad Attitude Black Tee
Rebel8 Bad Attitude Black Tee in the group Clearance / Men / T-shirts at Sivletto (w8232)
Rebel8 Bad Attitude Black Tee
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Black cotton tee by Rebel8.

Founded in 2003, REBEL8 is a San Francisco clothing company with deep roots in skateboard, graffiti, and tattoo cultures. Joshy D. and Mike Giant met in the late 1990's in San Francisco's then bustling graffiti scene. Josh ran the popular graffiti website, HiFiArt, and Mike was one of the city's most notorious writers. Years later, and having had some experience with a previous clothing venture, Josh approached Mike about creating a handful of t-shirt graphics. Mike agreed, and with $500 a small batch of shirts was made. Josh sold those shirts out of a messenger bag around the city, and REBEL8 was born.

100 % cotton

Rebel8 Bad Attitude Black Tee

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