Big John - Big John Lot.R009 Slim Fit
Big John Lot.R009 Slim Fit in the group Unionville / Jeans at Sivletto (w9873)
Big John Lot.R009 Slim Fit
Big John Lot.R009 Slim Fit
Big John Lot.R009 Slim Fit
Big John Lot.R009 Slim Fit
Big John Lot.R009 Slim Fit
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It is no news that Japan for several years has been producing jeans of the highest quality, and we feel proud to present the oldest jeans brand from just Japan still producing jeans today. Big John was founded in 1940 and made denim workwear among other things, and since the start the brand has been inspired by the contemporary American work clothes of the time and the rebellious jeans that made itself known during the 50s. And through all these years, Big John continued to produce jeans with this thought in focus and based on the motto of "Quality Comes First", durable and good fitting jeans that over time will grow old in a fantastic way.

The Big John Rare is the companys flagship collection that describe everything jeans used to be and what good good jeans garments should be today. Made in the same way as jeans were made back in the 40s and with an unwashed denim of the highest quality. Designed when it comes to both fit and details with smart solutions and functional thinking is hiding behind every detail both internally and externally.

Some details include that these pants are sewn completely using lock stitch seams, which means that it is the type of stitch used before chain stitch became standard, a seam that hold to wear during a long time to come. This kind of stitching was used on jeans during early late 19th century to early 20th century. The yellow thread are made of 100% cotton but the jeans are also designed with a hidden blue seam that is made of 100% polyester, you can say that it will be difficult to rip out the seams on this pair of jeans.The fly are constructed with the selvedge on the inside, so there's no visible overlock seem. Pocket bags are made of thick but soft cotton, which means that they will last for a long time and the back of buttons and rivets have been strengthened using indigo dyed deer leather, another detail that was used on jeans especially during late 19th century, but with time was considered superfluous. If it is better or not, we can't tell you, but it is anyway a well made detail that can only be seen on the inside of the jeans.

Material: 100% Cotton
Very high quality fabrication and materials
Indigo dyed deer leather details
Unsanforized: Shrink to fit, will shrink about 9% during the first wash
Fly: Button
Selvage: Yes
Denim: 100% 15.5oz American cotton
Buttons made of iron
Waist: Normal
Legs: Slim
Sizes: Normal, but be aware that they are shrinking so size up one size

Made in Japan
Big John

Big John Lot.R009 Slim Fit

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