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Xmas vibes in the store 19th of December
We will be serving glögg (mulled vine) to all nice customers this Saturday, starting at noon. In our dj booth you'll find DJ CockPit. Welcome!... Read more »
Mean Mojo Mathias will be spinning vinyl in our store this Saturday! Mean Mojo Mathias is doing the club Toot 'N' Trill together with Doc Pete. Mathias has played at, among others, Club Miaow, Big Jeff's Rockabilly Hangout, Little Cookie Paradise, Back To Beat and Hultsfreed Hayride.... Read more »
Sivletto is turning 10! We celebrate this by releasing a special limited collaboration with KOI, Kings of Indigo.We have made jeans, a t-shirt and a bandana together with KOI. Very limited edition!Welcome to releaseparty at Sivletto Headquarters in Stockholm Sweden on Saturday 28th of November.People from KOI will be attending and tell you more ... Read more »
Some days when you feel you've heard all the records in your collection one time too many it's always nice to find out what others are listening to. In those cases there's two podcasts I tend to listen to, G-Minus Mark's Truckers, Shuckers, Freaks and Geeks and Bill Smoker's Rockabilly DJ. Truckers,Shuckers... is hosted by G-Minus Mark, a dedica... Read more »
The backbone of any rockin’ club around the world is the dancefloor and these are the 3 dances you are most likely to meet. Here’s a bunch of examples how to do them. Check the videos and give it a try next time you go to a rockin’ gig or record hop, I’m sure you would like it and have even more fun!Jive:Bop:Stroll:I hope... Read more »
Sivletto presents: One-Sided Love Affair (Elvis Presley special)
You dig that Elvis Presley guy? Our good friend Lennart has put together one hour of his personal Elvis favourites. And should you ever feel like a stranger in your own home town, come and visit us at Sivletto and you'll be among friends. ... Read more »
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