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It's not always as glamorous as it may seem - by Emmelie Åslin, photographer
I got talking to a guy last night outside a bar and he asked me what I do for a living and I said I'm a photographer. He asked me what kind of photographer I was and I told him I am a pinup photographer. Then he asked me if that's really what I do and I said "Yup, that's what I do".I get that reaction a lot from both men and women. I think to so... Read more »
Last Saturday, the 21st of April 2012, there was an event called Sugar Hill here in Stockholm, Sweden. Subtitled "a day of vintage indulgence" it was a great day in a fantastic old building. During the afternoon there was a market and we took part, selling mostly hair products and books. We had a really good time, and it was nice meeting custome... Read more »
Stay Motivated APRIL 12 - MAY 13, 2012 This collection of more than 60 recent works by the Stockholm artist Marcus Mårtenson constitutes his hitherto largest solo exhibit. These are bright, visual essays constructed from the flotsam of daily life in the 21st century—conspiracy theories, horror movies, cocaine and plastic surgery. Gal... Read more »
Per decided to wash his Edwin Unionville jeans after 6 month of constant wear. Music: Memphis Minnie - My Wash Women's GoneThe first wash of Pers Edwin Unionville jeans. from Fredrik johansson on Vimeo.... Read more »
Selvage (selvedge, selfedge)
The (usually) white woven edge on both edges of the fabric width which prevents unravelling. This traditionally would mean that a old 29 inch shuttle loom was used. These days this can also be replicated by modern looms but the quality is not close to the original style.Jeans inside out, showing the selvedge:Selvedge showing when the jeans have ... Read more »
Even though I love my flat, it's always interesting to look at properties for sale. Or as we call it in Swedish, "Hemnet-knarka". A problem is however to avoid all the not so very interesting stuff. Luckily for me and probably also for you, there is the WowHaus blog, run by people with great taste in these things. WowHaus looks for interesting h... Read more »
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