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Television Personalities - Sivletto and Unionville
A few weeks ago Fredrik and Hampus was interviewed by a team from Barracuda TV. The interview was made for the tv-show fashion which was broadcast Thursday 12:th. Here is a link to the show on Swedish Televisions website This is what it looked like from Fredrik's angle during a break in the interview. (2012-01-13)... Read more »
Levi’s® Vintage Clothing, or LVC,  is an authentic and comprehensive assortment dedicated to capturing the spirit of American workwear. Each garment faithfully reproduces the fits, fabrics and characteristics associated with a specific period in time. The history of Levi’s® is kept alive through our commitment to remai... Read more »
Sivletto Vattenlöslig pomada
And so it's here! Our very own water based pomade. This one allows you to re-comb your hair if and when you feel the need to. It does not turn stiff and give you that Lego-head helmet... Still easy to wash out. We ship worldwide!... Read more »
DJ-phones from Sivletto at Nobels Fredssenter, Oslo Norway
Suddenly there was an e-mail... Nobels Fredssenter (Nobel Peace Center) in Oslo, Norway - yes, the guys who give out the Nobel peace price - had spotted our dj-phones on the interweb. We were happy to hear that they wanted not only one or two, no they asked if we could provide them with 7white dj-phones. After a bit of magic and some hard work w... Read more »
On the 1st of December 2011 we had a book signing at the Sivletto store. The book in question was Domestic Burlesque. To make it a true event, we had the book's cover star Lily Deluxe performing a burlesque show in the store. We managed to capture it on film. Enjoy!... Read more »
Yep yep... Christmas has come to Sivletto. Here's a short clip from yesterday when we decorated the store. Thanks to The Sonics for the excellent song.(2011-12-01)... Read more »
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