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Old cars not important anymore? by Henrik Forss
Things are indeed changing, high and low, left and right. Not always for the worse, but fairly often, that is just the case. I have been involved in exporting American cars to Sweden for more or less the past 10 years, and it’s interesting to see the changes in this business. Both from dealers, sellers, and customers. If I go back about 5-... Read more »
It’s kinda interesting to see how trends and culture always have and always will change. It is also very interesting to reflect on the fact that “nothing is new under the sun”. What I mean by that is the simple reality that things that where popular in, let’s say the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s even the horrific 80... Read more »
British Graffitti from Onar Stangeland on Vimeo. Tomorrow I turn 40 years old and suddenly you realise the years have flown by more quickly than you thought. In this clip above you can see a glimps of me leaning on a hot rod in a white t-shirt more or less 20 years ago! (GADDAMM!!!) Even if the world has change a lot since then I'm still stuck ... Read more »
The story of Live & Jive - by Henrik Forss
In a world of confusions, transfusions and solutions, we are, believe it or not striving to make things easier and better, and most importantly more fun! Not only for us, but also for you people. This is being done in many ways and takes all kinds of forms and shapes.As promoters of the Live & Jive festival in Sweden, we decided not to print... Read more »
6 winter looks that never date!
Timeless looks to give you enduring star quality. The LBD The Wide trousersThe Biker jacketThe Pea CoatThe Sexy knitThe Pencil skirt // Anna-Karin (2011-10-04)... Read more »
Niceville - get the look
“NICEVILLE,” adapted and directed by Tate Taylor from the No 1, New York Times bestseller by Kathryn Stockett, is set in 1963 in Jackson, Mississippi. Full skirts and tulle petticoats accompany the story of Skeeter [Emma Stone], a college graduate and aspiring writer returning to her hometown to start a career in journalism.  Sp... Read more »
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