Passion France - Passion France, Basque Yatagan
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Passion France, Basque Yatagan
Passion France, Basque Yatagan
Passion France, Basque Yatagan
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Basque Yatagan is native to the entire Basque country, in Spain and the French regions bordering on the Pyrenees. The blade is of oriental origin, for it were the crusaders who brought it back on their return and localized it in Southern France and Spain. The yatagan is a type of Ottoman knife or short sabre used from the mid-16th to late 19th centuries.

Its characteristic shape is continued harmoniously in the curved handle, whose main characteristic is a pattern of big rosettes around. The handle rivets are standing out like a relief just as they did on the original design. It is the preferred knife of the farmers and shepherds, and they say that that is particularly the knife of the tobacco growers of the region around Bergerac, where they have been growing tobacco for generations. For when the plants are cut during harvest time, a colloidal juice emanates from the cut, which makes it very hard to keep a firm grip on the knife. The relief of the rosettes originally represented a protection against slipping or sliding, which in turn explains how the rivets are an originally functional part of a knife.

For everyone looking for a solid and sturdy pocketknife for hiking and outdoor experience, this is an ideal companion thanks to its size, sturdiness and versatility.

Blade 12C27
Handle made of yew tree and decorated by hand.
Passion France

Passion France, Basque Yatagan

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