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Bona Fide Pomade - Bona Fide Matte Paste 4oz
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Bona Fide Matte Paste
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Bona Fide Matte Paste is a water-based pomade with a strong hold, citrus/baby powder scent and matte finish. Piece, mold and separate your hair to achieve both traditional and modern styles with a natural look and feel.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE;  Rub a finger scoop into the palm of your hands and work until it disappears, then apply to towel-dried hair, making sure to work into the roots.  Style as desired. Run a wet comb through hair to re-activate the product.

4 oz
Type of pomade: Water-soluble, medium hold
Bona Fide Pomade

Bona Fide Matte Paste 4oz

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