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Cherry Overdrive - Reptiles
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Cherry Overdrive have already made an impression off themselves in the Danish and German underground rock scene. Through hard work, charming ways and straight, powerfull garage rock with a 60s twist this band is steadily gaining ground in ever larger contexts. On their German tour in august 2006 Cherry Overdrive headlined the Sauzipf Rocks rock festival in Sauzipf, Austria.

Reptiles has been recorded by Ralph Rjelly in the Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen. It was then mastered by Willi Dammeier at the Institut Für Wohlklangforschung in Hannover. The cover art artist for Reptiles is none other than Jet Black Combo's own whacho-on-stage lead singer Kalle Metz. The Cherry Overdrive was photographed for the cover by Malle Madsen.
2 track vinyl single
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Cherry Overdrive - Reptiles

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