Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade

Dapper Dan - Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade
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Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade
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This is a water based pomade, in other words, it offers the hold and shine of some more waxy and greasy pomades but will wash out your hair instantly.

Deluxe Pomade really is versatile. Use a small amount on dry hair for a natural shine or simply use more pomade for that authentic 1930's look.

This product will set your style in place all day but unlike many other water based pomades it will not harden too much. Deluxe Pomade can be re-combed at any point although we do recommend a wet comb be used to restyle with more ease.

100 ml
Made in England. Not tested on animals.
Type of pomade: Water-soluble, medium hold
Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan Deluxe Pomade

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