Filson Oil Tin Cloth Vest Dark Tan

Filson - Filson Oil Tin Cloth Vest Dark Tan
Filson Oil Tin Cloth Vest Dark Tan in the group Men / Vest at Sivletto - Skylark AB (Filson-11010265-darktan)
Filson Oil Tin Cloth Vest Dark Tan
Filson Oil Tin Cloth Vest Dark Tan
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This vest is made with Filson's iconic abrasion-resistant, water-repellent oil finish Tin Cloth. Double-needle construction, bar tacking at stress points and shatter-resistant branded buttons add durability. It's cut roomy for layering and unrestricted movement, with handwarmer pockets and tool pockets.

15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth

Ruggedly durable fabric softens with use
Full-cut fit for layering

Do not wash this, just wipe or brush clean. Tin Cloth is a tool that can be sharpened. A thick cotton canvas that's milled by century-old mills in Scotland, Tin Cloth is coated in a Filson proprietary oil-finish wax. When the wax dissipates over the years — or a season or two of heavy use — re-apply a coating to get reinforced, uncompromising protection from brush and rain.

Made in USA with imported material


Born from the need to protect against thorns and briars in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest, Filson's 15-oz. oil finish Tin Cloth is relied on by loggers, foresters, sportsmen and tradesmen. To create this iconic fabric, a tightly woven canvas duck fabric is saturated with a liquefied paraffin wax and oil mixture under heat and high pressure, forcing the wax into the core of the all-natural cotton fibers. Filson's toughest waxed cotton fabric, oil finish Tin Cloth resists tears, punctures, water and wind for heavy-duty reliability.

At the turn of the century, the forests in the Pacific Northwest were filled with prehistoric trees the likes of which explorers had never seen. Men came from all over the world to harvest them. It was a treacherous way to make a living. Between the height, the blades and the dynamite, it’s estimated that one out of every 150 loggers who went into the woods didn’t come out alive. One in 5 were otherwise injured on the job.

C.C. Filson couldn’t do anything about the falls or explosions, but he developed a tightly woven waxed cotton that acted as a barrier between men and brush, limbs, saws and the unrelenting rain. Through the years, his customers started calling the fabric “Tin Cloth,” because it protected them like armor.

The name stuck, and for more than 100 years, Filson has outfitted men and women who work outdoors with Tin Cloth pants, jackets, vests and luggage.

Filson Oil Tin Cloth Vest Dark Tan

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