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Underground - Underground Fringe Loafer
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Underground Fringe Loafer
Underground Fringe Loafer
Underground Fringe Loafer
Underground Fringe Loafer
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Creepers - or Brothel Creepers to give them their correct title had their origins in the years following the Second World War. Soldiers returning from the war in the deserts of North Africa had worn suede boots with hardwearing crepe soles. Having left the army many of these men found their way to the disreputable nightspots of London around Kings Cross and Soho-still wearing these crepe soled shoes or their derivatives, these became known as Brothel Creepers.

In the fifties they were taken up by the Teddy Boys and worn in conjunction with drainpipe trousers and drape jackets. Progressive generations took up the shoes as an icon of their tribal style including the punks in the late 1970's and rock n roll revivalists of the current day.

Using the original tooling Underground have been making creepers for over 25 years ,in the process becoming recognised as the leading Creepers brand not only at home in Britain but worldwide. The collection has been developed using the original creeper soles with corrugated finish. Upper treatments on the creepers include plain leathers or suedes typically in black or white and occasionally in bright suedes such as blue or red. Interwoven lacing on the apron of the creepers is a standard feature as are the metal d rings used in place of eyelets. Buckle up versions of creepers are also produced.

Underground's reputation for producing an original and extensive range of creepers has attracted bands aplenty. It is no surprise then, to find Underground creepers on the feet of rock acts across the world.

Classic Creeper shoe in a loafer model for women, made of black suede with a toe of leopard imitation and a thick Creeper sole

Made in UK

Underground Fringe Loafer

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