Grant's Matte Dressing

Grant's - Grant's Matte Dressing
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Grant's Matte Dressing
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* Combines the Texture and Effects of Wax, Paste & Cream
* Completely Matte (no shine)
* Superb Pliability & Holding, Lasting Power
* Provides Convertible "Best of Both Worlds" style: Polished or Messy
* Maximizes Density & Won't Overwhelm Fine Hair
* Great for All Hair Types, Beneficial for Short Hair
* Can be Used on Dry or Slightly Damp Hair
* Separates Piecey Styles; Holds Firm for Demanding Styles
*Clean, Light Scent with Universal Appeal

* Water Soluble
* 4 oz
* No Animal Testing
* Made in U.S.A.
Type of pomade: Water-soluble, medium hold

Grant's Matte Dressing

225 SEK
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