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Greasy Kulture - Greasy Kulture issue 62
Greasy Kulture issue 62 in the group Sale! / Misc at Sivletto - Skylark AB (w4182-62)
Greasy Kulture issue 62
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On the cover: Billy Horner outta Phoenix Arizona riding his period-perfect '41 Harley U bob-job; inside is Dean Micetich and the Shovelhead bequeathed to him by Matt Davis; Hideaki's barn-find Indian Chief now residing in Tokyo; a beautiful Yamaha XS650 street custom from Indonesia; Damiano's classic early-sixties style Panhead chopper from Italy; Barcelona tattooist Dennis Gutierrez and his troublesome '54 Triumph 6T; lovely dresser Panhead Hydra Glide owned by Laurie from NSW, Australia; tuff Evo Sporty chopper from the north of England, owned by Ryan Battle...

Size 17cm x 24cm
80 full colour pages
Greasy Kulture

Greasy Kulture issue 62

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