Rollin Records - Greasy RocknRoll Vol 10
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Greasy RocknRoll Vol 10
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Greasy RocknRoll Vol 10
We reach number 10 from the great Greasy compilation and still filled with killer tunes.
This platter is worth buying just to get Bobby Darin's awesome track "Pity Miss Kitty" but you will get much more!
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Bari & The Breakaways - Tough Enough
Dave Gardner - Mad Witch
Mark Wynter - I Go Ape
Glen Reeves - That'll Be Love
Ray Stanley - Let's Get Acquainted
Frankie Mann - Toe To Toe
Diana Lee - You Upset Me
Bobby Jay - So Lonely
Mickie Most - Johnny B. Goode
The Trendels - Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby?
Bobby Darin - Pity Miss Kitty
Andy and The Manhattans - Double Mirror Wrap Around Shades
Lee Emerson - Start All Over
Gene Lamarr - Baby What Would You Do?
Kenny Loran - Top Man
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Greasy RocknRoll Vol 10

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