Rollin Records - Greasy RocknRoll Vol 8
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Greasy RocknRoll Vol 8
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Greasy RocknRoll Vol 8
Volume 8 of killer collection Greasy with great tunes like Carnations "Scorpion", Tielman Brothers "Record Hop" and Jack O'Neal's "You Broke My Heart".
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Carnations - Scorpion
Arthur Osbourne - Heartaches
Fred Mick - Baby What You Want Me To Do
Frankie and the Echoes - Come Back Baby
Curtis Lee - Pure Love
Ray Burden - Sweet Lou From Lou
Skip Goodspeed - Only Two Me And You
Dave Kennedy - You Didn't Listen
Teilman Brothers - Record Hop
Dave Atkins - Shake-Kum-Down
Billy Tidwell - Folsom Prison Blues
Hollywood Vines - When Johnny Comes Sliding Home Again
Jack Turner - Lonely Man
Mel Turner - Daddy Cool
Jack O'Neal and the Rebel Rockers - You Broke My Heart
George Ross - Weirdsville
Rollin Records

Greasy RocknRoll Vol 8

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