Heritage Post issue 33 English edition

Heritage Post - Heritage Post issue 33 English edition
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Heritage Post issue 33 English edition
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Heritage Post issue 33 English edition

The Heritage Post is a German magazine, aiming to bring forward quality in a time of fast trends, cheap goods and overrated brands. In other words, The Heritage Post is not a fashion magazine, it's an alternative for those among you that seek the classic, timeless and genuine. The magazine is done with commitment and passion, from the first page to the last.

This is a magazine that is very unconventional, but is created with much passion and dedication. It does not follow trends or fashions, but features brands and products that you might not yet have heard of, but should definitely know about. Why now? Because it is high time!

We are surrounded by mass-produced goods, by fashion hypes, deep-freeze food, and Swedish interior design. Everything is short-lived and usually exceedingly boring. Then there are superficial luxury and status symbols, fashion trends for en-vogue, and therefore expensive, brands. Naturally, this does not guarantee quality. Most people follow these trends, follow the herd, copy what’s in fashion, because they only understand those things that are worn by the masses and propagated by fashion magazines. Authenticity is no-where to be found and originality and exclusivity are far removed from these fashion trends. Where are the products that have some history, that are born of passion and represent their craft?
They exist, which is great. The remarkable thing is that most of them have actually been around for a very long time. The jeans you have been missing are dark indigo, made from the best cotton and last for many years. The shoe you have been looking for is still being made in exactly the same way today as it was 100 years ago: From the best leather, with the best know-how, in the age-old tradition of the trade. The watch you aspire to has maintained its design for the last half century and, like the jeans and the shoe, will appreciate in value and beauty as the years go by.
You do your best throughout the year – you should be able to expect the same in return!

With this gentlemen’s magazine, we would like to enable those who take an interest to find products as described and to better understand them. We would like to generate within our readership an appreciation of the products they buy, as well as an understanding of the production processes and the prices. Thus informed, our readers can form their own opinions and individual style. Our aim is to present a consistent and maintainable lifestyle that permeates through all areas of life. We will introduce to you extraordinary items, new products, as well as things that have been almost forgotten. Vintage products, that grow more beautiful as they age and develop individuality. 

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Heritage Post

Heritage Post issue 33 English edition

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