Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine - Pinstriping & Kustom issue 35
Pinstriping & Kustom issue 35 in the group Magazines / Lifestyle at Sivletto (w7308-35)
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A Kool issue for you to chase away those winter blues.
Pinstripers this issue are Chris Dortants, Sandro Mossa
Ted Turner & Rob Valentini.
Kustom Kulture Blastoff the Uks only airbrush & kustom art extravaganza in all its glory.
Going all lowbrow this time areJohn Hoogeveen & Ryan Winchcombe
We also revisit Mike DiTonno's Boneyard, join Paul Waring at a traditional soda fountain in Wisconsin, USA.
Luli's World explores the Miss Fortune Fashion Show at Americana UK
We step up to the Bar with Dan Akroyd for his Chystal Head Vodka!
Tattooists Paul Goss & Tony Jackson reveal their work
Our airbrush show case features : Cesar Deferrari, Charles Armstrong and Andy Anderson
Craig Fraser goes all Steampunk at the Gold Tooth Gallery.
Alan Pastrana who concludes his awesome step by step series with the "Wicked" Pin Up Girl.
A content packed edition to keep you glued to every page this festive season.
90 pages
Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine

Pinstriping & Kustom issue 35

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