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The Chap's April/May 2012 edition goes all Victorian and Steampunk:

Cover story: we sent two time travellers on a journey to modern-day Bromley, birthplace of H.G. Wells
Interview: Robert Rankin, thrice marrried (to the same lady) eccentric steampunk author and raconteur
Full Steam Ahead: the continuing rise of Steampunk as a subculture
Gambling: our new Turf correspondent on how to pick a winner at the Grand National
Brief Encounters: Fleur de Guerre's brand-new matcmaking column, with personal ads from lovelorn chaps and chapettes
Benjamin Disraeli, the dandy prime minister of the Victorian age
Cricket: Steve Pittard lchronicles some of the game's silliest injuries
Biography: H.G. Wells, the grandfather of science fiction
The Bon Vivant: Neil Ridley investigates some pyrotechnic cocktails
Grooming - our expert in the bathroom on how to shave with a safety razor
The Lip Weasel: Michael "Atters" Attree's new moustache and paranormal column
Youth Tribes - Donald Twain assesses young people's attempts to cut a dash
Lapse of Panache: Daniel Radcliffe vs Sydney Greenstreet
Capes and Cloaks - the history of these noble gentleman's coverings
Mr. Bell the Butler dishes out sound advice on sunglasses, trousers and death
Eccentric Emporia - curious shopping destinations for Chaps
Plus: Am I Chap?, Chap of the Month and news of the Chap Olympiad 2012
72 pages
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The Chap

The Chap issue 62

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