The Rodder's Journal - Rodder's Journal issue 62
Rodder's Journal issue 62 in the group Clearance / Misc at Sivletto (w4556-62)
Rodder's Journal issue 62
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There's something for everyone in this issue, from Ardun and injected nailhead-powered hot rods to traditional taildraggers, 60s drag racing, and coverage of the 2nd Annual Rodder's Journal Revival.

Cover A: 1934 Ford Coupe
Cover B: "Magic Muffler" Fuel Altered

162 pages

The Rodder's Journal is a full-color, premium, coffee table style quarterly; the result of a lifelong mission to capture the soul of hot rodding and its vibrant history.
The Rodder's Journal

Rodder's Journal issue 62

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SizeA: 1934 Ford Coupe
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