Blue Suede News - Blue Suede News issue 99
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Issue #99 has a cover story on Rockabilly, Country and Americana artist Rosie Flores. We have an interview with Lucky Tubb (grand nephew of Ernest) also have an extensive story on Harry Peterson, steel player and songwriter as well as father of Dale Peterson, who had had several CDs reviewed in our pages over the years. We have a story on singer-songwriter Sixto Rodriguez, and a pictorial and story on the Rockabilly Ball. We also have another story in our series on Great Women Singers of the '50s & '60s, featuring Pat Hervey, Gale Garnett, Shirley Harmer, Joyce Hahn, Priscilla Wright and Sandie Selsie - all Canadian singers this time. Other photo layouts feature the Voice of the Wetlands Festival, and shows we've seen at Seattle's Highway 99 Blues Club. And of course our usual features the Tidbit Jukebox, Original Versions and our extensive reviews section!

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Blue Suede News

Blue Suede News issue 99

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