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Jernhest - Jernhest Jack Silver Ring
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Jernhest Jack Silver Ring
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Oval ring with gold plated centre. Perfect combination of gold and chrome. Classic tattoo style ship.

Color: Silver

Sz 7 - 18 mm
Sz 8 - 18,4 mm
Sz 9 - 19,1 mm
Sz 10 - 20,1 mm
Sz 11 - 21,6 mm
Sz 13 - 22,5 mm

The sizes can differ +/- 0,1mm

Material: 100% Inox Steel (316L Stainless steel)
Inox steel has a small amount of nickel in the alloy. It is often called nickel free but if you have a bad case of nickel allergy you should take caution.

Not sure which size you need? Read this about how to measure.

Jernhest Jack Silver Ring

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