El Toro - Jimmy Ricks - At Sunrise
Jimmy Ricks - At Sunrise in the group Misc / Music / CD at Sivletto (R&B-121)
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Jimmy Ricks - At Sunrise

The greatest bass singer of all the time!! For the first time on CD de complete recorded output from Jimmy Ricks for the Signature label, with 12 extra bonus tracks featuring his best solo songs recorded right after leaving The Ravens.

1. Daddy rolling stone
2. Summertime
3. I'll never be free - With Lavern Baker
4. Green eyes
5. Do you promise
6. Say it isn't so
7. Zing went the strings of my heart
8. Leaning on your love
9. Old man river
10. Timber
11. Here come the tears again 12. Our love
13. It ain't necessarily so
14. You'll never know
15. Lazy mule
16. Love is the thing
17. I needed your love
18. What have I done (to deserve this day)
19. Dark town strutters ball
20. She's funny that way
21. The sugar man song
22. Goodnight my love
23. Hi-Lili Hi-Lo
24. If it didn't hurt so much
25. The christmas song
26. Secret love
27. Everything I have is yours
28. You're the boss - With Lavern Baker
29. At sunrise
El Toro

Jimmy Ricks - At Sunrise

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