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Lee - Lee 101 Loco Jacket Dry Denim
Lee 101 Loco Jacket Dry Denim in the group Clothes / Jackets and coats at Sivletto - Skylark AB (L97NBH41)
Lee 101 Loco Jacket Dry Denim
Lee 101 Loco Jacket Dry Denim
Lee 101 Loco Jacket Dry Denim
Lee 101 Loco Jacket Dry Denim
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Plucked from the Lee archives, this Loco jacket features faithful detailing and is made with a relaxed fit to create the original feel of comfort-driven functional workwear.

● Relaxed fit ● Original archive detailing ● Low impact cotton hemp

This is a rather lightweight denim made using a mix of cotton with the low-impact hemp. It is strong, but has excellent movement and comfort thank to the way it is constructed, using Lee's special Jelt denim.

The finish is a beautiful clean indigo that will fade beautifully as it ages.

Detail rich, this features conspicuous contrast stitching and original elements including the patch pockets to the sides and shield pockets on the chest.

77% Cotton 23% True Hemp

Lee 101 Loco Jacket Dry Denim

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All raw, also referered to as dry, denim is prone to bleeding. This means that the indigo dye can easily be transferred onto lighter coloured fabrics during wear as the denim has not been washed or treated after dyeing.

To minimize the effect of staining light shoes, the best way is to cuff the bottom hem and wear the denims folded up. By doing this, the reversed side of the jeans fabric is closest to the shoe and won’t rub off as much.
Wear dark shaded tops and underwear the first few weeks of wear to avoid blue discoloration on your brighter garments. If you do get some blue color on a lighter garment, it’s easily removed by spot treating the stain: Soak it in hot water and stain remover solution for one hour following with a normal wash.