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Lee - Lee 101 Z Dry
Lee 101 Z Jeans Dry
Lee 101 Z Jeans Dry
Lee 101 Z Dry
Lee 101 Z Dry
Lee 101 Z Dry
Lee 101 Z Dry
Lee 101 Z Dry
Lee 101 Z Dry
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Lee 101 Z is the iconic pants made by Lee which was introduced back in 1926 as the first pair of jeans with zipper and you could also see James Dean wear this model on the silver screen in 1954, and the trousers have through the years achieved their iconic status.

This particular model from the Lee 101 series have been slightly modified to create a fit that better meets today's standards, a little lower waist and slightly thinner legs than their predecessors from the 50s. The pockets at the back are now a little closer to each other, the original has much space between the pockets and the reason for this was so you could reach the pockets even if you were in the saddle

They are made using Lee’s Lot 49 selvage denim, crafted with American cotton on Japanese shuttle looms, ringspun for higher quality. The 12 1/4 oz lefthand twill is finished with brass Lee 101 buttons and rivets, yellow thread and a leather back patch.

Lefthand denim is a quality which age fast and will be nicely worn, wear them a lot and you'll see.

Material: 100% Cotton
Sanforised: Buy them in your size
Fly: Zipper
Selvage: Yes
Denim: 12 1/4 oz Lefthand Non Stretch Selvage Denim
Waist: Normal
Legs: Straight
Sizes: Normal
True to fit: Yes

Lee 101 Z Dry

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