El Toro - Look Out! Here Comes.. Ted Taylor
Look Out! Here Comes.. Ted Taylor in the group Misc / Music / CD at Sivletto (R&B-120)
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Look Out! Here Comes.. Ted Taylor

Here comes... Ted Taylor's most complete Rhythm & Blues and Rock And Roll compilation album featuring sides from his days as member of The Cadets / The Jacks up to his best from every label he was in before becoming a star on Okeh Records, with many tracks never before available on CD.

01. Do you wanna rock - As The Cadets
02. Days are dark
03. Hold me tight
04. Everywhere I go
05. I'm leaving you
06. Be ever wonderful
07. Has my love grown cold
08. I cry - As The Cadets
09. I don't care
10. Little boy how old are you
11. Keep walking on
12. Look out
13. Count the stars
14. Darling take me back
15. My darling
16. You know I do
17. I'm going to change my way of living
18. If I don't see you again
19. Never in my life
20. She's a winne
21. I lost the best things I ever had
22. My Darling -As The Jacks
23. Chanta Lula.
24. That happy day
25. Very truly yours
26. You've been crying
27. Wrapped up in a dream
28. Since you're home

El Toro

Look Out! Here Comes.. Ted Taylor

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