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Men's File - Men's File 15 / Clutch
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Men's File 15 / Clutch
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Covering the vintage scene in Japan, the USA and Europe Men's File features denim and work-wear, hot rods and classic cars, custom motorcycles, surfing, architecture, art and design. It's about real people doing real things with vast amounts of style. This is a 100% English language publication of 146 pages that comes in a single wrapper with special edition of Clutch magazine (approx. 200 pages). Clutch focuses on the leading personalities within the world of vintage-style, their environments, collections and personal take on clothing and wider apparel. Clutch is a Japanese language magazine with well-written English subtitles.

Frequency: 2 times each year (June/ July and Dec / Jan).

Price for the two magazines in one wrapper.  

Men's File

Men's File 15 / Clutch

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