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OAK - OAK Beard Brush
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OAK Beard Brush
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The BEARD BRUSH keeps the beard in shape, softens it and removes loose hair and dandruff. Due to its size, the handle made from oiled oak wood, sits comfortably in the hand so that the brush can be vigorously run through the thick beard. Irregular-sized wild boar bristles and extra-large gaps between the bristle tufts ensure an optimal grip of the beard hair. Regular brushing vitalizes the skin, stimulates the sebaceous production and prevents a dry beard.

Direction: Run the brush evenly and over as large an area as possible in the direction of growth through the beard – depending on the desired massaging effect, more or less firmly. Thanks to its oval shape, the brush can also be applied to narrower parts such as sideburns, moustaches and chin beards

Cleaning: Regularly cleanse the bristles from fallen out hair and tap it out gently. Once every 3 months cleanse the brush with a bit of BEARD WASH, for example, and rinse thoroughly under warm running water. To dry the brush, place it on a towel with bristles facing downwards.

92 mm x 51 mm

OAK Beard Brush

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