Prospectors Crude Oil Pomade

Prospectors - Prospectors Crude Oil Pomade
Prospectors Crude Oil Pomade in the group Hair and skincare / Pomade / Oil based pomade at Sivletto - Skylark AB (PRO-021)
Prospectors Crude Oil Pomade
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This is a pomade for the man that needs a little pliability throughout the day without sacrificing any performance. Prospectors formula is made to go into your hair easily and give you an old school look without damaging your hair or scalp in the process unlike some other brands. This is a pomade that is great for slick backs and pompadours. It has all day performance and is easy to recomb and rework throughout the day.

An oil based pomade, Crude Oil by Prospectors remains pliable throughout the day and has a nice sheen. Made with hemp oil which is wonderful for any mane to condition and moisturize. This pomade is made to be left in the whole day and give you the look you want every day.

  • Oil based
  • Offers a medium hold with a nice shine
  • Creamy texture which makes application very comfortable
  • Made with hemp oil which conditions and moisturizes hair and scalp
  • Fresh woodsy scent with a hint of citrus

4.5 oz (128g)
Type of pomade: Oil-based, medium hold

Prospectors Crude Oil Pomade

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