The Rodder's Journal - Rodder's Journal issue 69
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Rodder's Journal issue 69
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This 170-page issue is the largest in years, and it takes an in-depth look at everything from homebuilt traditional hot rods to the 1st Annual Bayou Round Up and the career of acclaimed metalman Ron Covell. The newsstand cover features the Ardun-powered Miller/Wusz ’23 Dodge roadster pickup from Portland, Oregon. Scott Perrott restored two iterations of the car, and we examine them both in this issue. Veteran hot rod and custom car painter Darryl Hollenbeck’s “Rotten Avocado Green” ’32 Ford roadster is the subject of the subscriber cover, which we shot in Concord, California.

Also in TRJ #69, we have a father-and-son-built mild custom Mercury, a chopped, channeled and tire frying ’34 Ford pickup, and a whole lot more.

The very best in hot rod and custom photography, writing, and history, The Rodder's Journal is unmatched amongst automotive publications. In each issue you will find a carefully crafted blend of traditional hot rods, classic customs, early drag racing, the best newly built cars, and the rich personalities behind one of the world's most unique and passionate pursuits.
The Rodder's Journal

Rodder's Journal issue 69

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