El Toro - Rudy Green - Wild Life!
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Rudy Green - Wild Life!
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This compilation includes the complete issued recordings of Rudy Green from his Nashville debut in 1946 to his last known single back in Music City over a decade later plus some works as session guitarist. Also included are a few examples of Rudy's work as a session guitarist in Chicago in the 1950s.

A mysteriously elusive figure, until now guitarist Rudy Green has been merely a footnote to the histories of the rich Nashville and Chicago R&B scenes of the 1940s and 1950s.

1. This Happened When I Gave You My Heart
2. Evil Man Blues
3. No Good Woman Blues
4. Deep In My Heart
5. Buzzard Pie
6. Florida Blues
7. Love Is A Pain
8. No Need Of Your Crying
9. The Letter
10. It's You I Love
11. I Had A Feeling
12. Meet Me Baby
13. Highway No.1
14. You Mean Everything To Me
15. My Mumblin' Baby
16. Cool Lovin Mama
17. Queer Feelin'
18. Teeny Weeny Baby
19. Lonesome
20. Wild Life
21. Juicy Fruit
22. You're The One For Me
23. Oh Baby
24. Hurry Hurry
25. Johnny Sellers - Mighty Lonesome
26. Bobby Prince - I'm In Bad Shape
27. Bobbie Mitchell - I Need You So
El Toro

Rudy Green - Wild Life!

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