Suavecito Hair Cream

Suavecito - Suavecito Hair Cream
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Suavecito Hair Cream
Suavecito Hair Cream
Suavecito Hair Cream
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This is a very old fashioned hair product for those that do not want a strong grip-like hold on their hair, and quite honestly, don't need it! This product brings back the loose hold that many look for in a hair product that keeps hair soft (with old-fashioned Lanolin) while retaining hold (with dependable Beeswax).

It will also keep your hair shiny all day, which, let's face it, is what draws you attention.

Giving your hair protection and keeping it looking healthy. Comes in a giant pump-style 8oz. bottle. More cream than wax. Amazing scent.

8 fl oz (237 ml)
Type of pomade: Water-soluble, light hold

Suavecito Hair Cream

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