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The Chap - The Chap Issue 77
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The Chap Issue 77
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The 77th edition of The Chap delves beyond the green baize door for a food & drink special. Contents include:

  • Cooking for Chaps: three recipes excerpted from the new culinary tome from The Chap
  • Chappish Dispatches: extensive results from our wallet competition
  • The history, construction and art of wearing the trench coat
  • Tom Cutler on the gentlemanly art of eating
  • Steve Pittard on cricketers who liked to eat, or rather eaters who occasionally played cricket
  • Portmanteaux: three of the best British travelling bags
  • Champagne: Natty Adams on why fizz is the dandiest of beverages
  • Michael “Atters” Attree meets Edward Davenport, host of London’s most decadent parties
  • Two new restaurants reviewed: a British one and a Hawaiian one
  • Music: Patricia Hammond on songs about food which are really about sex
  • Wheat Chiefs: the revival of long-lost British wheat grains
  • Sergeant Bilko: the definitive collection on dvd
  • The Lip Weasel: Michael “Atters” Attree rounds up hirsute beauties and beasts
  • Mr. Bell the Butler advises on wedding tackle and false moustaches
  • Plus: Gordon Ramsay V Keith Floyd; British pints; Random acts of Chappery
The Chap

The Chap Issue 77

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