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The Chap - The Chap issue 88
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The Chap issue 88
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The 88th edition of The Chap contains, among other things, this:

  • Interview: Michael “Atters” Attree meets wine expert and gadabout “Jolly” Olly Smith
  • Peaky Blinders competition: the winners who cut a dash in 1920s Brummie gangster threads
  • Doctor of Dandyism Sunday Swift on how Jackie Onassis became a prisoner of her carefully constructed self image
  • The Walpole Bay Hotel: a haven of Chappish gentility in windswept Margate
  • Chap Kit: Scarves and how to knot them
  • Khaki Trousers: we look at the only ones in which to be seen during summer
  • Tom Cutler on the art of conversation
  • Steve Pittard on the tragic decline of cricketing headwear from dabs of Brylcreem to crash helmets
  • English Utopia: we celebrate a new version of the traditional tweed walking coat
  • The Chap Olympiad: lovely photos of the most glamorous gals and dapperest Chaps who attended
  • Film: a new boxed set of Alan Clarke’s work for the BBC
  • Laszlo Krass: a moving report from our travelling correspondent in Venice
  • The Lip Weasel: Michael “Atters” Attree rounds up hirsute beauties and beasts and explains the Mandela Effect
  • Mr. Bell the Butler advises police constables on what boots to wear and civilians what shoes to wear with linen suits
  • Plus: Chap Brogues, Am I Chap, Scarf competition

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The Chap

The Chap issue 88

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