No Brand - Truly Lover Trio - Bullseye
Truly Lover Trio - Bullseye in the group Misc / Music / CD at Sivletto (TR-104)
Truly Lover Trio - Bullseye
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These cats are on fire! Bullseye is a release by Truly Lover Trio, a world-renown premium Rockabilly combo. Mix some Rockabilly and 1950s Rock and Roll with sizzlin guitar licks, a hot stompin back-beat, catchy tunes, right on target Roy Orbison-esque vocals, and voila, thats the Truly Lover Trio cocktail. Marcels vocals are often compared to the sound of early Roy with chilling results (the boys have played several Roy Orbison tribute events nationwide), but they have developed their own style, and this rockin platter sports 17 tracks proving this point. Only 3 cover tunes let all the outstanding originals shine through. And the sound is tops.

Released 2010
 No Brand

Truly Lover Trio - Bullseye

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