Levi's Vintage Clothing - LVC 1960's 606 Jeans Rigid
LVC 1960's 606 Jeans Rigid in the group Unionville / Jeans at Sivletto (w8649)
LVC 1960's 606 Jeans Rigid
LVC 1960's 606 Jeans Rigid
LVC 1960's 606 Jeans Rigid
LVC 1960's 606 Jeans Rigid
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Super Slims: Styled long and lean for the active life you lead. Rugged, all cotton, pre-shrunk denim for lasting comfort. Stitched throughout with the strongest thread." The 606 Jean was first introduced in the late 1960s for a new generation of Levi's fans that were looking for slimmer and more stylish fits that wouldn't break the bank. It is widely considered to be the original skinny-fitting jean.

It sat right at the hips and tapered from the side down to the ankle. Like other Levi's Jeans with the orange tab, the 606 Jean was made using Line 8 construction, a simple and more cost-effective method that involved fewer steps. It had bar tacks instead of copper rivets, a zip fly instead of buttons, a single thread color, a leather-like patch with black ink, copper shanks, seven belt loops, a double fell seam and long, lean back pockets.

The Levi's Vintage Clothing version of this iconic modern jean faithfully reproduces absolutely every element of the original. And every step of the manufacturing process happens right here in the USA exactly as it did in the 60s and 70s. In partnership with Cone Millsthe producers of the Orange Tab denims back in the 60s and 70sLevi's Vintage Clothing recreates the exact medium-weight 14oz open-end preshrunk denim by sourcing the correct yarns, using the exact pure indigo shade and weaving the fabric on the same looms. The jeans are then constructed using the same Line 8 technique and the original patterns. Finally, all of the details are added to the garment including the big "E" orange tab on the back right pocket and period-correct labeling.
Material: 100% Cotton
Sanforised: will shrink a little, but also stretch about half an inch at the waist
Fly: Zipper
Selvage: No
Denim: 14oz open-end preshrunk denim made by Cone Denim
Waist: Normal/Low
Legs: Slim
Sizes: Normal
True to fit: Yes
Made in USA
Levi's Vintage Clothing

LVC 1960's 606 Jeans Rigid

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