The Surfer's Journal - The Surfers journal Vol. 21 No. 1
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The Surfers journal Vol. 21 No. 1
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Kicking off the 21st volume of TSJ is a shot from the infamous swell of 1969 which, simply put, documents Waimea beyond maxed-out. A page turn later Ben Marcus reexamines the 1968 World Contest in Puerto Rico, followed shortly thereafter by the mysterious specter that is ghost shaper Robert "Redman" Manville. On the backside Bill Fury divulges the secret to Hendrix's "Foxy Lady," a Coast Guard chief gets flogged for hanging inside the surf zone too long, and we come to find out that board bags may just be for the birds. Here's what's sandwiched in between:

Born Wright | By Jed Smith
San Diego Shapers | Photography By John Durant
Kneel and Deliver | By Tetsuhiko Endo
Pal Al | By Steve Pezman
Guardiani Dei Faro | By Derek Hynd
One From Above | Photography By Tim McKenna
The Deep End of the Gene Pool | By Chris Ahrens
Depth of Field
John Severson's Travel Journal
The Third Element
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The Surfers journal Vol. 21 No. 1

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