The Surfer's Journal - Volume 21 No. 2
Volume 21 No. 2 in the group Magazines / Lifestyle at Sivletto - Skylark AB (7436)
Volume 21 No. 2
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Behind the blue cover, Kelly claims Occy's the best surfer he ever put eyes on and Brad Melekian delves into the love/death relationship between a big-wave rider and big-wave board builder. On the backside, Jack O'Neill feels the literary love of Drew Kampion, Bells Beach gets a book of its own, and Mickey Muñoz shares his new offering, No Bad Waves. But first, there be features...

Surfers' Blood | Photography by Patrick Trefz
In a Coral Sea | By Jimmy O'Keefe, Jody Perry, and Andrew Shield
Beyond the Dawn Portfolio: Clarence Maki
Arab Spring, Moroccan Fall
The Thruster Grail | By Andrew Kidman
The Wall Hanger | By Ross Garrett
Caribbean Shift | By Shane McIntyre
Influence Washing Ashore: A Peter Shepard Cole Gallery | By Scott Hulet
After the Earthquake | By Paul Hersey
Clicking Through the Carousel | By Jeff Johnson
Circuit Breaker | By Steve Shearer
132 pages
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Volume 21 No. 2

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