The Surfer's Journal - Volume 21 No. 4
Volume 21 No. 4 in the group Magazines / Lifestyle at Sivletto - Skylark AB (w7085)
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Featuring Thomas Campbell's gritty Dave Rastovich composition on the cover, issue 21.4 opens with Ken "Skindog" Collins telling of why, after only a handful of sessions at Maverick's, Shane Dorian is the best surfer he's ever seen. Jeff Johnson delves into the handiwork of Hawaiian craftsman Jon Pyzel, and again we Spin The Globe. On the flip side, look for a never-before-surfed Canadian slab to kick off Undercurrents, while the point of pointy nosed boards get scrutinized and the Midwest waverider gets his due.
128 pages
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Volume 21 No. 4

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