The Surfer's Journal - Volume 22 No. 3
Volume 22 No. 3 in the group Magazines / Lifestyle at Sivletto - Skylark AB (w7085-223)
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On the cover, Shane Dorian commits to a hard-earned drop at Nazaré, Portugal. "There is no way to paddle back out after catching a wave," he explained. "Relying on a water safety jet-ski is the only way you can really paddle the place." After catching his first-ever wave at the spot, Dorian sat on shore for almost an hour before finding a ride back into the lineup, where he sifted through the roiling peaks and paddled into this beauty minutes later. Inside issue 22.3 eleven feature stories combine rich photography with fine writings from Lewis Samuels, Christian Beamish, Sean Doherty, and Charlie Smith.
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Volume 22 No. 3

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