The Surfer's Journal - Volume 22 No. 4
Volume 22 No. 4 in the group Magazines / Lifestyle at Sivletto (w7085-224)
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After hearing of Tom Curren's recent score in North Africa (featured in this issue), Derek Hynd dropped tools and booked a flight, managing to bag this cover shot during his stay. Following Curren's tube-rich field report, more travelfrom the dunes of South Australia to the tropics of Indonesiaprofiles, and photography cap off the features in 22.4.

In this edition:
Dunes of the Anti-Atlas | By Tom Curren
Before the Herd | By Kevin O'Sullivan
Starlets and Caimans | By Jamie Brisick
Cactus | By Murray Walding
Just Kids | By Matt Warshaw
Fashion Backward | By Ricardo Bravo
Surf No More, Forever | By Brad Melekian
Future Man | By Joe Donnelly
When Ships Were Made of Wood | By Scott Tinley
Monocle | By Leonard Lueras

Volume 22 No. 4

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