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Some days when you feel you've heard all the records in your collection one time too many it's always nice to find out what others are listening to. In those cases there's two podcasts I tend to listen to, G-Minus Mark's Truckers, Shuckers, Freaks and Geeks and Bill Smoker's Rockabilly DJ.

Truckers,Shuckers... is hosted by G-Minus Mark, a dedicated record collector from England now living in US. He goes through his latest findings and sometimes dig deep in his vaults of great records. As his nickname tells it's not records in the best condition that gets a spin. Loads of facts and trivia and rare tracks.

Rockabilly DJ is hosted by Bill Smoker, an old ted from Croydon, England with a big love for Finnish rockabilly and Carlos & the Bandidos. He plays both contemporary and old rockabilly and usually do themed shows. A new show every week filled with great music and dry British humour.  

Happy listening! Jungle Jim

2015-11-18 @ 10:59:40
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