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Dear customer,

soon Sivletto will focus 100 % on web sales and move the whole business to the internet.
You find our web shops at sivletto.com and classichairproducts.com

For those of you that have been shopping at our store in Stockholm, we plan to offer you new possibilites when it comes to delivery as well as pick up. More info about this will follow.

Our opening hours will be as follows until the move takes place.


Open Mon-Fri 12-18, Sat 12-17, Sunday closed.
Easter: we're open 12-17 on the Good Friday, then we're closed Sat, Sun, Mon.


Open Wed-Fri 12-18, Sat 12-17, Sunday closed
During the national holiday on Thursday the 25th of May we're open 12-17

Information about opening hours in June will be announced later.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for special offers and information.

If you have been a barbershop customer, Nina will start working at MacLaren Barbers on the 18th of April.

Sivletto Enviken will not be affected by the move.

Unionville is now under new management

While we have your attention, do you know about the new Red Wing Shoe Store Stockholm at Gamla Brogatan 23? There's also a web shop at redwingstockholm.com

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2017-03-17 @ 12:02:06
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