New brand: Mokuyobi


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New brand: Mokuyobi
Mokuyobi is an out of this world company that designs bags, accessories, and general radness for the Super Beings of Earth and beyond. They are led by their desire to create something different and new using bold colors, magic, and awesome sauce.

Mokuyobi or 木曜日 (もくようび) means Thursday in Japanese. To the people at Mokuyobi, Thursday is the best day of the week. They believe that there is always something to look forward to. Whether it's Thursday, your buddy's party, vacation time, or a hot date; that there are always good things coming that spark excitement.

Mokuyobi are based in Los Angeles, CA and all products are made in the USA. With their products they are giving a shout out to anyone who loves to stand out and wear their Mokuyobi product as a proud badge of their own individuality, whatever that means to them. Mokuyobi call these individuals the Super Beings of Earth. Mokuyobi develop their products from scratch with a high focus on functionality and ultimate radness.

Check out Mokuyobi here!
2017-08-01 @ 16:04:05
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