Ampal Creative

Ampal Creative

Made Like They Used To in Los Angeles, CA. USA

Driven by a headwear market that seemed limited and stale at the time, The Ampal Creative launched its first full collection in 2007. Since then, Ampal Creative have developed a diverse following and become known for quality and attention to detail.

Since 2010, all Ampal hats, socks, beanies, patches - everything - has been exclusively Made in USA. Often, they find a single roll of deadstock material and make as many hats as they can from it.

"Made Like They Used To" is more than just a saying for Ampal. Its how they try to make every product they release. "Back in the day" clothing amd most products were built to last, not disposable purchases that don't make it a year. They have a personal collection of Ampal hats that have seen years of adventures and abuse - they all have a great worn character, like a great old pair of jeans, but still have a few more years of sun protection in them.