The ELMC collection takes inspiration from, and centres around, west coast, road and motorcycle counter-culture of the mid 20th century.

All of the materials and components in this collection are produced to the highest degree of quality and authenticity possible. The leather and sheepskin garments are all made at the Eastman factory in Devon, UK. The hides are custom made exclusively for them - nothing is from off-the-shelf merchants. ELMC work directly with the various tanneries, many of which are in Italy, and thus the hide has the quality and character exactly as we require. They use horsehide predominantly, the hide is fully veg-tanned, which give the products that true vintage character and appeal.

Other details include: 100% rayon satin linings, 100% unbleached cotton-drill for pocketing, hand-made cats-eye Corozo buttons, 100% 16 gauge 4-ply cotton thread, shuttle-loom woven labels, high-quality authentic metal zips with cotton tape and much more.

The fabric garments, such as Ts and Sweats are all made in Japan or USA - those being the best places on earth to get true vintage-quality products of this genre produced. Authentic details include: body-size tube construction, specialist yarn cottons, all made on vintage loop-wheel looms.

Essentially, no expense has been spared in the sourcing of materials and quality manufacturing. Nothing is mass-produced or made in countries commonly known for high-volume. The goods are made either in the UK, Japan or the US, and even then, only from high-quality low-volume producers.

Exclusive products, for exclusive taste.