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It all began in 1935 when the Mattson brothers, from the small village of Resteröd, invested their savings in a pair of used circular knitting machines from G.'Stibbe'Ltd, in England.

The brothers then designed a collection of men's and women's underwear, long underpants and linen. A shed in the back yard became the first factory building. That is how Resteröds Trikåfabrik was born. Due to the incomparable quality of the tricot their clothes became so loved by the Swedish people that the brothers needed to expand their business. More circular knitting machines were bought and the production moved to the nearby rural town of Ljungskile. Since that day practically nothing has changed at Resteröds Trikåfabrik.

The original collection has remained untouched for almost 70 years. That is how appreciated it is.

Today, Resteröds Trikåfabrik proudly presents an entirely new fashion collection, developed with heart, soul and experience all the way back from 1935.