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Anders Dalenius - Sivletto Firesoul
»I didn't want to get stuck and turn into tavern furniture« One or two mid-life crises later, Anders Dalenius re-evaluated his life, his job and what was really important. He took his pick & pack and moved out to the countryside, actually a decade before the Corona crisis caused everyone else to do the same. He's a meat-loving... Read more »
Ribban - Sivletto Firesoul
Ribban, Babylon and Berlin Those who know, know. And most people on Södermalm know who Ribban is. Born in 1951 in Mariestad and based on Södermalm since the 1980's. He celebrated his retirement by taking on a part-time job and always gets a kick out of meeting people. And fixing stuff.Peter Ribbenstedt, Södermalm’s Mr. ... Read more »
Jesper Pålsson - Sivletto Firesoul
»Manic or extremely motivated. Where do you draw the line?« Jesper Pålsson has made and lost a lot of money, been sued, and sued others. Started a company with Steve Angello and filed for bankruptcy. Wrote a 250-page novel, partied with tough guys and music celebrities. He suffers from constant insomnia and attempts to heal h... Read more »
Ronny Hill - Sivletto Firesoul
»I don’t believe in talent or luck. If you want something, you’ve got to have passion and grit.« »You’re so good at drawing… Can you draw something like this?« is a question that Ronny Hill, tattoo artist and co-owner of Stucklife has heard his whole life. But he doesn’t believe that people ... Read more »
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